Minister, teacher, author, and educational consultant

William Jenkins

Understanding and Educating African-American Children explains in very clear and understandable language how parents, teachers, communities and the country have contributed to the dismal educational plight of black children. This book looks at the main components of a quality education and explains how one by one these components were weakened or removed altogether from the education of black children. In the seventeen chapters in this book, Jenkins sets the record straight for all who claim to be interested in narrowing the education gap between black children and white children. 
This book is a perfect choice for educators to read along with What's Missing in the Educating African-American Children. These two books will inform, inspire, and empower educators to more effectively educate black children, and all children in their schools.


I spent over 25 years teaching in public education. During that time I wrote several books on education and traveled and lectured in school districts all over the country helping prepare teachers to more effectively educate today's students. Two of my books, Understanding and Educating African-American Children, and What's missing in the Education of African American Children are used as college texts, and by school districts throughout the country.

In addition to these books I have written three books that are part of a character program I developed

around 25 of the cherished values of the American people. You can find out more about the character

program at my website devoted exclusively to the character program: