Cherished values of the American people



1. Life and human dignity.

  2. Religion and religious freedom

  3. Country and citizenship

  4. Personal freedoms

  5. Respect for the rights of others

  6. Respect for others' property

  7. Justice and fair play

  8. Motherhood

  9. Family

10. Respect for the elderly

11. Taking personal responsibility

12. Diligent and honest work

13. Knowledge

14. Contributing to society

15. Worthy accomplishments

16. Obeying The Rules

17. Respect for Authority

18. Taking care of our environment

19. Gratitude

20. Loyalty

21. Humility

22. Compassion (kindness)

23. Worthy accomplishments

24. Honesty and integrity in speech and deed

25. Virtue

The Cherished Values Character program focuses on twenty-five of the cherished values of the American people. Character is commitment to values, and is measured by the degree to which one is committed to his/her values. This program is perfect for churches and church groups. All of the values are scripturally supported, and many of the great stories in the bible can be used to show the importance of these values. Several churches use the cherished values character program as a part of their Sunday School instructions.   


Values + Commitment= Character


Those who commit to good values demonstrate good character, the stronger the commitment, the stronger the character; the stronger the character, the stronger the person; the stronger the person, the stronger the country.

This Values Based character program focuses on 25 values that are most cherished by the American people and are most embraced by the people who have made the greatest contributions to our way of life, and for whom we have the greatest admiration. These values are also supported by scriptures.

The program has five central objectives:

1. To make young people aware of the core values of the American people.

2. To have youth embrace these 25 values and incorporate them into their lives.

3. To have youth understand character and its relationship to values.

4. To get young people to build their character around these twenty-five values-and other

     supporting values.

5. To get young people to practice behaviors that will strengthen these values.


Character is instilled through teaching, and is strengthened through practice; it grows stronger around people who reinforce values through teaching, supporting, and modeling.

Over the years there has been a tremendous erosion of our core values, and the results are everywhere. No one seems to know how to restore these values. Many Public schools have character programs, but because of religious restrictions, they don’t include the teaching of values, and are therefore ineffective. It is difficult to teach character without values, and difficult to teach values without religion.

This program is unique among character programs for it focuses first on values, it defines character and clarifies the relationship between character and values, and lays out a procedure for instilling values and strengthening character. The program is universal and can be used by any group-religious or non-religious to develop the character of young people around these twenty-five values, or even other values that are important to them and worthy of embracing.

 Materials and implementation Instructions

The Cherished Values Character Program is the only program in the country that includes a text. Not only does the Cherished Values Character program have a text for students, both elementary and high school, it also has a Teacher's Manual.  

The student book explains each of the twenty-five values and their place in American life. It is interesting and easy to read, and it says what every parent and preacher would like to say to every young person they encounter.

The Elementary version of the character book is written for children from third to ninth grade, but it is so popular that people think it should be read by people of all ages. The statement that people make most about the book is, "It teaches things that everybody needs to know, but no one is teaching."


William Jenkins

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Minister, teacher, author, and educational consultant