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Sharing with the world that which God has

                    shared with me.



Welcome to my site. I hope your visit here will be richly rewarding. If you like what you find here, please tell others. My prime objective is to share with others that which God has shared with me. Everything on this site is a part of that effort.

The material here didn’t come from me; it came through me. It doesn’t belong to me; it belongs to God’s people. I hope, as a child of God, you will find information here that will help you become a better servant of God, and a better builder of the Kingdom of God.

I have spent my life preaching, teaching, pastoring, and working with people in the church, school, and community. In that effort I've learned quite a bit and have preserved much of what I've learned in recordings and books.

From the very early years of my ministry I recorded and kept my sermons. I preached in churches, and on radio, and lectured at colleges and universities all over the country. I preached to all types of audiences and to practically every denomination. While doing so, I accumulated an expansive body of work. 

I spent many years as a college and high school teacher. I wrote several books on education that are used by colleges and universities, and school districts all over the country. Therefore, one page on this site focuses on  my teaching career. You will also find on that page copies of my books on education, and ordering instructions.

Closely connected to my work in education is my character program that was developed for schools, churches, and any group working with young people. To find out more about my character program visit my character website:

I hope you find the information on both sites very helpful. If so, spread the word.

William Jenkins